Instagrammable Sunsets Over The Ocean: View From A Hotel In Marine Drive

At the edge of the wildlife-infested tropical jungles, Sri Lanka offers a delightful slice of beachlife and sunsets. You’d enjoy the sunset just fine if you spend your evening on a jet ski, at one of the countless golden beaches, or from the comfort of your room if you choose the right hotel in Marine Drive.

If you’re wondering, Marine Drive is where Colombo’s urban landscape meets the vast Indian Ocean. This bustling boulevard is a hub of activity but doubles as a canvas for some of the most enchanting sunsets over the ocean. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting hues of orange and pink across the sky, Marine Drive becomes a haven for those seeking Instagrammable moments from the many comfortable rooms at Hotel MaRadha.

Sunsets at Sky Yard at Hotel MaRadha

Amidst the vibrant backdrop of Marine Drive, Hotel MaRadha provides a unique vantage point to capture the busy city life that Colombo is known for. But it gets better if you find yourself in one of the many rooms with a view. Piercing through the glass panes in your room will be the most glorious golden-orange sunset you will witness, starting at around 4:00 PM.

If you fancy having a meal, or tasting some top-shelf wine while enjoying the dying daylight, you can always take the lift to the rooftop. At SkyYard, the rooftop bar, you’ll be greeted with a panoramic view of the city and the ocean in an open-atmospheric setting. When time comes, the sun will gradually turn your supper into a scene from Star Wars. However, be a little wary of the weather, since a cloudy or rainy day is sure to dash your hopes.

There are plenty of warm meals to greet you at Sky Yard, alongside fresh juices, cool and alcoholic beverages. If you’re in the right mood for it, you could take a dip at the infinity pool on the roof. You won’t miss out on the sunset if you do so, since the pool is strategically built right at the edge, overlooking the ocean. Hotel MaRadha provides guests with not only a luxurious stay but also an unparalleled view that transforms evenings into life-long memories.

Rooms with a view of the sunset at Hotel MaRadha

However, if your social battery is running low, or if you are tired after a long day exploring Sri Lanka’s capital city, you can retreat to your cozzy room and enjoy the sunset from there. While not every room is created equal, Hotel MaRadha celebrates your freedom of choice by offering you multiple options with glamorous sunsets.

Deluxe Queen Room

This is your most affordable choice if you do not wish to miss out on a sunset. However, you will not be getting the best view a hotel in Marine Drive has to offer. Besides, while this surely is a visual upgrade from the standard room, the amenities remain mostly the same (though no one ever complains about how comfy the beds are, or how welcoming the atmosphere is).

The Deluxe Queen room category provides a taste of the hotel’s peaceful scenery at an economical rate. Each Deluxe Queen room features a cozy queen bed and a partial view of the Indian Ocean – just enough to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. The harmonious blend of affordability paired with a partial view of the sunset makes this room an ideal retreat for any traveler on a strict budget.

Deluxe King Room

The Deluxe King room isn’t too different from the previous mention on this list, but there’s increased comfort within a budget. You’ll receive a more spacious layout and a larger, comfortable king bed. In short, this room category provides guests with an upgraded experience.

The visual charm remains identical to the Deluxe Queen Room, with the added luxury of a more expansive sleeping arrangement. The partial sea view from these rooms ensures that every moment spent in the hotel is surrounded by a sense of tranquility and coastal beauty.

Signature Panorama Sea Front

There’s more luxury and better views for those seeking the higher end of the range of rooms Hotel MaRadha has to offer. Being the unquestionable champion of ‘value for money’, the Signature Panorama Sea Front allows you to immerse yourself in the most picturesque sunset you’ve seen in a while.

Make no mistake, this room is the epitome of luxury for your stay in Colombo. To make it even better, the Signature Panorama Sea Front rooms sit on the towering 8th floor of Hotel MaRadha. In summary, these rooms offer a heightened sense of opulence, adorned with custom-made furniture and an expansive panoramic view of the silky Indian Ocean meeting Sri Lanka’s Western coast.

picture of the Hotel Maradha

Hotel MaRadha

With an enviable location in the heart of the financial district Hotel MaRadha – Colombo provides a comfortable stay for all business and leisure travellers, with easy access to your shopping, entertainment, and business needs. Hotel MaRadha – Colombo overlooks the Indian Ocean and is truly one of a kind, featuring 35 premium hotel rooms, suites, and apartments. We will ensure your stay in Colombo is truly perfect.