Don’t miss your workout during your stay in Colombo. With MaRadha Colombo, you get your own workout space to burn off those extra calories.

Compact and convenient

Skip the inconveniences involved with staying in shape while on vacation. Maintaining a fit and active lifestyle while away from home doesn’t get more convenient. We’ve brought you everything you need to engage in your daily exercising routines, right next to your room. While personal and compact, there is no shortage of fitness equipment at MaRadha Colombo.

Cardio training equipment

You’ll find plenty of ways to burn calories in our workout space. Occupy yourself with treadmills, stationary bikes, and other cardio training equipment at any time during your stay. Since our gym is only available to in-house guests, you will rarely ever have to wait or take turns on any of the fitness machinery available.

Dumbbell Rack

If your workout sessions go beyond just cardio, you will still find your satisfaction within our compact, state-of-the-art gym. Workout space at MaRadha Colombo has an entire rack loaded with dumbbells of varying weights, ready for your weight training sessions.